Akinon Joins Forces with Mall for Women to Enhance Women-Focused E-Commerce

Johannesburg, South Africa – 20.09.2023 | Akinon

Akinon, a digital commerce solutions provider, has joined forces with Mall for Women, a platform dedicated to increasing women’s participation in the digital economy and enhancing their shopping experiences. 

Akinon, a digital commerce solutions provider, signed a memorandum of understanding during Seamless Africa 2023 with Mall for Women, a platform dedicated to improving online shopping for women.

Founded in 2016, Akinon is known for its cutting-edge digital commerce solutions that help businesses enhance their customers’ shopping experiences. Over the years, they’ve collaborated with renowned brands like Samsung, M&S, and Gap.

Mall for Women is a comprehensive online platform designed to make shopping easier for women. It offers a wide range of carefully selected products and services, catering specifically to women’s preferences.

In addition to being a shopping hub, the platform supports women entrepreneurs by enabling them to list their products and services.

A Purposeful Partnership

This partnership marks a significant step for both Akinon and Mall for Women. Akinon’s expertise will play a vital role in helping Mall for Women expand into new markets and further enhance their platform.

Akinon signs with Mall for Women

“We’re thrilled to be part of Mall for Women’s journey,” said Mr. Justin Power, Regional Director at Akinon. “Our goal is to assist them in reaching new markets and providing them with the necessary insights to succeed.”

Mrs. Sanele Simmons II, Co-founder and CEO at Mall for Women, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. “We believe that together with Akinon, we can offer our great shopping experiences for more women in new regions.”

As Akinon and Mall for Women work together, their primary aim is to improve women-focused online shopping and provide valuable support to women entrepreneurs.

About Akinon:

Akinon is a cloud-native, composable digital commerce platform with a fast time to market.

The platform provides companies with a broad and strong set of features, as well as easy connection with best-of-breed solutions, allowing businesses to provide the desired customer experience, improve customer happiness and retention, and increase income.

Akinon was founded by leading professionals with 22+ years of expertise in the online retail industry, thus their solutions are skilfully created to meet the needs of their partners and customers on their quest to becoming an indispensable part of the digital commerce world.

Since their inception in 2016, Akinon has expanded to 17 countries, converted over 125 customers like Samsung, M&S, and Gap, and opened offices throughout the world. Discover more about Akinon’s customers, milestones, and experienced team.

About Mall for Women:

A digital platform specially designed to simplify and enrich the online shopping journey for women. Founded by the visionary Mrs. Sanele Simmons II, it has a diverse array of thoughtfully curated products and services.

Beyond offering a comprehensive shopping experience, Mall for Women is a steadfast supporter of women entrepreneurs. Through its platform, female business owners gain the opportunity to showcase their offerings and thrive in the digital marketplace. Learn more at Mall for Women’s Website.

Akinon signs with Mall for Women

This partnership represents a remarkable step for both Akinon and Mall for Women, and it is set to transform women-focused online shopping and empower women entrepreneurs.

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