Marketplace Mastery: Crafting Your Digital Bazaar Catchup Today! In this webinar, you will explore the immense potential of marketplaces in e-commerce, and learn how you can easily create and manage your marketplace to increase your sales channels and revenues. Our expert speakers, Çiğdem Bağbakan Çağan and Mireia Fontbernat, will discuss key topics, including: The Power of Marketplaces: Opportunity or Threat? Building [...] Read more
Across the Marketplace Multiverse Catchup Today! In this webinar, Akinon experts walk you through their practical tips and knowledge on effectively managing, running, and scaling your e-commerce business with the most suitable marketplace solution. Key topics: Is your business prepared for unified trading? Seller Center elements of vendor management Simplifying operations across all touchpoints Scaling your e-commerce business with [...] Read more
Keeping Up With The Trends: Live Commerce And Platform Adaptability For Future Trends Akinon experts Jamie Smith, Vice President of Composable Solutions and Technology, and Justin Power, Regional Director for MEA provide an in-depth overview of what it means to have a future-ready platform, the importance of adaptability to change plus they share their valuable insights on these following topics:  Most recent milestones in technology, including the rise [...] Read more