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Be a Forward-Thinking Fashion Retailer Using The Right E-Commerce Platform Lead The Digital Industry At Akinon, we’ve put together a compact guide for fashion retailers covering how to deal with the innovations of e-commerce and shed light on how you can lead the digital industry, using the right tools and, particularly, the digital platform. Download this white paper to learn: Innovations of e-commerce Features to [...] Read more
Capitalising on Market Trends with Unified Commerce Capitalise on Market Trends Read about why the Unified Commerce approach is trending and how businesses are transforming their operations and retooling for growth. Download this white paper to learn: Global trends of various regions Digital commerce predictions and forecasting Customer Success stories Fill out the form to download this exclusive white paper! Read more
Unified Trading or Marketplaces Ready to Become a Marketplace? Brands, retailers, and any trading business need to assess their requirements and the implications of marketplaces. However, there are some scenarios where a marketplace may not be the right solution and other options can solve the issues a company may face. Hence, a thorough audit and understanding of the underlying [...] Read more
Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges of Composability Go Composable with Akinon Unified Commerce Selecting the right vendor is paramount. A vendor who can get you the fastest to market with a proven concept and give you the necessary tools and technologies to execute your business strategy, will be the determining factor between you and your competitors. Can going composable help your business, [...] Read more
Evaluating Your Digital Vendor: What to Ask Questions To Ask Your Digital Platform Vendor Whether you are thinking about switching e-commerce platforms (daunting, we know) or simply need to assess if your current one prepares you for growth, here’s a handy list of points you should be raising with your vendors and why it matters. Download the pdf to explore the questions [...] Read more