Customer Success
Story: A101

A101 is a Turkey-based supermarket chain with more than 10,000 stores, 47 warehouses and 99% household penetration, making it the most widespread supermarket in the country. Book a Demo
Increasing demand and competition for dark stores sales model in Türkiye.
Need for selling inventory from different vendors on their website while optimising the cost.
Lack of advanced provisional sales features on their commerce platform.
Results & Capabilities
Increased overall conversion rate by 28%.
Turned A101 into a marketplace and cut operational costs by 21%.
Launched Marketplace, B2C commerce, Headless Storefront, OMS & On-demand Delivery App in just 3.5 months.
Made it possible for A101 to offer on-demand delivery by turning the stores into distribution centres.
Created A101 on-demand delivery app, for iOS & Android, through Akinon App Maker.
Ability to use provisional credit that gets updated when the final invoice has been issued.
Sales by decimal feature: selling products by weight, length or any decimal based unit of measurement.
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