Integrator Akinon Integrator Design, build, execute and manage multiple integration processes between customers’ systems of records and Omnitron. A seamless ecommerce integration technology between multiple features. Book a demo Seamless configuration of complex processes Manage Your Integrations Control all your projects and activate or deactivate services and check the current status of all integrations in one [...] Read more
App Maker Akinon App Maker Build native mobile applications for both your customers’ mobile shopping experience and your employees’ internal use, fully accessible from the Apple & Google App Stores. Book a demo Deliver consistent shopping experience on all channels. Fast Development Reduce time-to-market and develop your mobile app with our low-code app maker faster than ever. [...] Read more
Unified Network

Transform your digital commerce business by building trusted trading networks securely with Akinon with simple configuration.

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Akinon Storefront

Build scalable, easy to use and
feature-rich digital commerce sites.

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Order Management Systems (OMS)

Deliver smooth omnichannel experiences using the Akinon Order Management System.

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An operational centre for managing all digital commerce business requirements such as channels, product information, content management, prices and inventory, promotions and more.

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Live Commerce

Unlock the power of live streaming media shopping events by promoting products and services from stores or any desired location.

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Instore App

Use the full power of omnichannel to fulfil and enrich customers’ shopping experience and demands with ease across all sales and fulfilment touch points.

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Define and deliver complete omnichannel and business model flexibility from a single transactional channel controller through business user configuration or direct API calls.

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