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An operational centre for managing all digital commerce business needs such as channels, product information, content management, prices & inventory, promotions and more. Book a demo
Manage and track all your omnichannel operations from a single application
Omnichannel Management Centralise and manage of all your channels and brands from a single operational centre.
Catalogue Management Easily create sales channels and connect them with the catalogue and price list of your choice.
Promotion Management System Manage discounts, promotions, and campaigns across all of your sales channels from a single dashboard.
Product Information Management Add, organise and enrich product information through an easy-to-use and configurable user interface.
Content Management System Create content-rich websites with ease using Akinon’s user-friendly content management system.
Business Dashboard Get access to all your business metrics at a glance to help you reveal valuable insights which lead to better, data-driven decisions.
Order Management System

Centrally control cancellations, refunds, exchanges, order searches, easy order exports and integrations
through an easy to use business user console.

Manage all your digital sales channels from a single centre

Omnitron Business User tooling allows you to configure promotions, content, stock, product and pricing separately, and align these with the consumers, buyers and sellers on whichever channel(s) you choose, including external channels such as marketplaces.

Effective and customisable workspace

Configure According to Your Needs

Build the most structured workspace by granting individual members relevant access points, through fully configurable access control.

Increase Productivity

A workspace for every team ensures accessibility to a productive environment for each member.

Make Sure Everyone Is Onboard

Different teams can work seamlessly through Omnitron using all its functionalities.

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