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Scale Your Business

Expand your buyer audience, sell on different channels and increase your revenue.

Maximise Efficiency

Capture all orders from every market using one solution.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Minimise IT spend, time-to-value, and customer acquisition costs.

Generate more revenue by selling and managing both your own and third-party products

Seamless management of marketplace operations

Easily add new suppliers and start growing together

Onboard new third-party suppliers, expand your product offering and turn into a one-stop shop for your customers.

Meet operational needs of different suppliers

Enable your suppliers to easily add new products, create offers for existing products, participate in active campaigns, or create new ones to boost their sales! Communicate with customers for better shopping experiences and manage orders from a centralized platform.

Track your success at every stage of the process

Akinon’s performance dashboard provides insights and details about sales, generated revenue, customer reviews, delivery targets, and stock availability for both marketplace owners and their suppliers.

Sell on Other Marketplaces

Increase Your Sales

Reach out to a broader audience and generate new revenue by selling on third-party marketplaces.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Take advantage of the high traffic and the social trust of customers from well-known marketplaces.

Reduce IT Spending

Save the time and money you spend on addressing technical issues.

Become a Marketplace
Expand Your Product Assortment Enhance your product range portfolio by offering new listings and brands to your customers.
Increase Revenue Adding merchants to your existing platform requires less resources and investment than stocking and managing your products.
Eliminate Inventory Costs Diversify your product offerings without generating additional inventory and supply chain costs.
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