Order Management System (OMS)

Track your sales, manage orders, improve inventory, and optimise fulfilment costs. Book a demo

Manage the complete process of orders, inventory, distribution, logistics integration and data across multiple sales channels, including physical locations, web, social media, and online marketplaces.

Multi-Channel Content Management
Take advantage of our user-friendly/easily operated CMS interface, create and implement content-rich, SEO-friendly websites, without any need for additional development. Unleash your creativity and design with:
Improve Omnichannel Experiences

Optimise Delivery & Fulfilment Costs

Increase Revenue & Orders

Improve Omnichannel Experiences

Consistent Cross-Channel Shopping Experience for Your Customers

Track your customer preferences, shopping behaviour and order details by unifying data from every channel.

Store Fulfilment

Customers can shop online, offline, buy online and pick up in-store, and so on. Offer your customers a selection of channels to place orders and give them the option to pick up from a location of their choice.

Smooth Returns and Exchange Options

Provide excellent returns and exchange experience by having a complete picture of the shopper’s purchase history.

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Optimise Delivery & Fulfilment Operations

Business User Configuration

Configure and define complex distribution scenarios within the business user console requiring no code.

Manage Orders Efficiently

Reduce operation costs by ensuring orders are delivered in the most efficient way, selecting the fastest route to meet your customers’ expectations.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Organise and automate your fulfilment processes, reduce manual tasks and improve your team's efficiency. Define your priorities and business rules within the business user console to support complex order routing.

Unify your channels for a better customer experience
Unified Commerce Create a unique shopping experience by forming a bridge between online and offline channels with real time data and inventory updates from all channels.
Endless Aisles Improve customer experience and increase your in-store sales by offering consistent product availability.
Complete Transparency Make the ordering processes less frustrating for your customers with maximum visibility and trackable order information.
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