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Composable commerce enables businesses to create their end-to-end digital commerce solution by selecting best-of-breed commerce components and seamlessly assembling them into a solution built for their specific business needs


Create your end-to-end digital commerce by selecting and integrating best-of-breed components into a bespoke commerce solution.

Agility and Innovation

Improve your business agility, reduce time-to-market, and provide exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints. Expand to new channels more easily, and develop innovative solutions.


Scale your digital business with future-proof extensibility and make Akinon Commerce Cloud the only commerce platform you will ever need.

Extend Akinon platform by integrating a vendor of your choice
PIM Promotion CRM OMS Search Email Provider CMS Marketplace Instore Payment Marketing Tools
Akinon Development Environment
Leverage Akinon’s development environment to extend Akinon functionalities and create custom commerce solutions.
Easily create, implement and integrate custom applications for your business.
Reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency of your development team with pre-built integration apps.
Supports management and deployment of integrations and custom extensions at the client/partners needs.
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