C-suite CX Huddle Unveils Insights for Crafting the Ideal E-commerce Experience

Dubai, UAE – August 30, 2023 | Akinon

On August 30, Akinon and Martechvibe held the “CX Huddle – Creating a Seamless Ecommerce” event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, bringing together influential business people. In order to delve into the complex world of e-commerce and uncover the keys to delivering the ideal online shopping experience, this exclusive event gathered together professionals in Marketing, Technology, and Customer Experience (CX).

The CX Huddle: Beyond the Buzz

The CX Huddle, a collaboration between Martechvibe and Akinon, was more than simply another industry conference. It was a carefully picked group of innovators who have used technology to alter brands and the customer experience. The purpose was to provide a safe haven for thought leaders to share ideas, experiences, and subject expertise, all in the name of elevating organizations through technology and new digital tactics.

E-commerce Under the Spotlight

The event focused on three key pillars against the backdrop of a fast expanding e-commerce landscape: marketplaces, omnichannel experiences, and composability. Additionally, many topics that were important in the region were discussed, and all participants made a substantial contribution to the discussion.

Marketplaces arose as a topic of interest. Industry executives struggled with the issues of developing a marketplace strategy while maintaining customer loyalty to their brands. At this informative seminar, insights into marketplace technology and tactics for effective data management were revealed.

Composability, as a strategic strategy, gained center stage. The concept of easily adding or deleting solutions based on need, resource availability, and integration possibilities struck a chord with the forward-thinking leaders in attendance.

The CX Huddle in Action

The agenda was jam-packed with interesting discussions and networking opportunities:

  • 05:30 pm: Attendees mingled and networked, setting the stage for collaborative insights.
  • 06:30 pm: Akinon’s opening remarks highlighted the significance of the CX Huddle.
  • 07:30 am: Leaders provided insights and highlighted key takeaways.
  • 07:45 pm: The event concluded, followed by a networking dinner.

The Takeaways

Key talking points included:

  • The E-commerce Pillars: Marketplaces, Omnichannel, Composability
  • The Marketplace Challenge: Third-party data dynamics, marketplace management, and data governance
  • The Omni-way: Crafting ideal customer experiences through a blend of online and offline strategies
  • The Composable Vision: Overcoming challenges, leveraging tech trends, optimizing tech stacks, and re-evaluating business positions

The “CX Huddle – Creating a Seamless Ecommerce” emerged as a melting pot of innovative ideas and practical strategies, providing a roadmap for a future where e-commerce thrives through technology and customer-centricity.

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The “CX Huddle” may have concluded, but its impact reverberates through the industry as businesses take steps to redefine e-commerce experiences.

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