Live Commerce

Increase customer satisfaction, drive business results and transform your shopping experience. Book a demo

Store associates or influencers can host live streamed events to sell directly to a global audience through Live Commerce

Deliver real-time shopping experiences.

Increase brand awareness and real-time engagement

Combine entertainment with instant purchasing.

Deliver Real-Time Shopping Experiences

Increase Customer Engagement

Build strong relationships with your customers during live streaming events.

Offer a Hybrid Customer Experience

Combine in-store shopping experience with digital commerce.

Connect with Your Audience

Give information about your products to customers in an entertaining and engaging format.

Explore Live Commerce
Improve Brand Awareness and Boost Online Sales
Increase Revenue with Max Online Presence Attract more customers and generate more sales with interactive shopping events.
Build Customer Trust and Loyalty Leverage long-term brand loyalty by engaging your customers frequently on different channels.
Reduce Consideration Period Give your customers the chance to discover your products and complete a purchase from the live stream itself.
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