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"The reason we prefer working with Akinon is the way they have impacted our digital transformation and processes as well as website. We have experienced not only support in terms of ecommerce strategy, but a team providing operational support. We feel that not only have we chosen a technology partner, but a long term strategic partnership that has been key in the development of our brands."

Arda Genç Chief Digital Officer Lacoste

"Even within a short time of implementing and using Akinon products we have achieved a significant increase in conversion rates. It has been a great advantage to use a single platform to provide us with numerous solutions and continuous improvements. As an omni channel solution, Akinon has allowed us to satisfy all of our needs and furthermore, manage our costs more effectively."

Öncü Özmete Director of Customer Experience Mudo

"We experienced great results by migrating Tefal's platform to Akinon Commerce Cloud. The service and quality of product we received, motivated us to migrate Rowena and WMF to Akinon as well."

Tahir Demirtaş Business Solutions & IT Manager Groupe SEB

"The key issue in today's world for both brands and customers is speed. With the Akinon Commerce Cloud we handle this issue from both sides directly. We are able to offer our customers a fast and unique shopping experience. We no longer have problems with unexpected traffic increases during campaign periods. With the Akinon Commerce Cloud, it is comforting to know that we are prepared for whatever demands come our way."

Ceren Yıldız Gürcan E-Commerce, CRM & Marketing Manager Kiğılı & Abdullah Kiğılı

"Our collaboration with Akinon allowed us to develop 3 different websites and mobile applications integrated with their order management system and inStore solution. This created a high-performing digital experience for our customers. Our financial turnover is continuously breaking records."

Mehmet Mart IT Director Aydınlı Group
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