Akinon Commerce

Define and deliver complete omnichannel and business model flexibility from a single transactional channel controller through business user configuration or direct API calls. Book a demo
High Performance

Create, implement and run high performing transactional channels that won't fail you even during the busiest promotion periods.

Expand with Commerce

Build, manage and run endless commerce possibilities with one platform and extend with your APIs.

Reduce Time-to-Market

Implement your unified commerce strategy fast with pre-built commerce capabilities.

Provide unique shopping experiences with Akinon Commerce, designed to meet all kinds of business models.

Tailored specifically for your business


Innovate and adapt faster than your competition to deliver an exceptional customer experience in every channel.


Akinon Commerce provides you with control of the marketing and sales processes and it presents you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers and existing channels.


Make it easier for customers to buy from you. Move smoothly from simple to sophisticated selling with our composable platform.


Increase your product selection quickly and easily, and diversify your product categories by connecting with other vendors and becoming a marketplace.

Sell any type of product online

Configurable SKU

Product configuration empowers customers to get more involved in your digital channels, whether to design their own polo shirt or build their own gaming computer.

Product Bundling

Encourage customers to buy bundle products by offering complimentary products together.

Digital Products

There are no limitations to what you can sell, whether they are physical or intangible such as services and digital products.

Deliver an effortless customer journey to boost conversion

Fulfil Customer Expectations

Show your customers that you can meet their demands with convenient, next-generation shipping options and omnichannel services.

Search No Further

Take advantage of our optimised on-site search function and enable your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Cross-Channel Promotion Management

Maximise your revenues by creating multiple promotions for the same product through different campaigns or by excluding low-margin or high-demand products from any campaign.

Launch faster with
Akinon Storefront

A pre-built storefront application developed to perform seamlessly with our Akinon Commerce engine.

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