Akinon Integrator

Design, build, execute and manage multiple integration processes between customers’ systems of records and Omnitron. A seamless ecommerce integration technology between multiple features. Book a demo
Seamless configuration of complex processes

Manage Your Integrations

Control all your projects and activate or deactivate services and check the current status of all integrations in one place.

Support Custom Script Logic

Write your custom script logic within the Integrator console to rapidly handle complex transformations. Leverage any of our defined script languages: Go, Ruby, Pearl, Python, … Or use your prefered script language.

Project-Based Authorization

Set different access permissions for different projects to make sure your integration projects are safe.

Graphically Manage Data Mapping

Graphically map external data or field formats to Akinon data sets and define your transformation mappings to ERP, CRM and other systems of record.

Manage Sync & Async Messages

Configure scheduling and management of both synchronous and asynchronous messages working directly with API endpoints, event driven webhooks or traditional file formats like CSV, XML.

Improve your team's efficiency and save valuable time
Reduce Manual Work

Akinon’s easy-to-use integration flow designer comes with a library of predefined flow components for a fast and easy process configuration.

Set Alarms and Notifications

In order to make sure you never miss an issue or error, the alarm and notification setting feature can send you alerts at real-time.

Identify Your Mistakes

Any integration issue that may occur can be investigated. A list of detailed logs will make solving issues unavoidable and unmissable.

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