Akinon InStore App

​​Use the full power of omnichannel to fulfil and enrich customers' shopping experience and demands with ease across all sales and fulfilment touch points. Book a demo
Personalised customer experience

Grant your retail sales staff access to your customer data and tailor your customers experience according to their purchasing history.

Unified inventory and real time stock updates

Use your inventory more efficiently by receiving real time stock updates from other stores and warehouses.

Easy returns from any location

Offer customers a full omnichannel experience by giving them the freedom to choose their local/any store location to return.

Customisable User Interface

Mirror customers’ web experience in-store, maximise staff productivity, and help them complete or save sales to offer a consistent omnichannel experience.

Where Physical Meets Digital
Endless Aisles Breaking down the walls by facilitating customers with an extended version of a store’s inventory and delivering more convenience to customers by turning stores into distribution centres that support in-store pickup and shipping from stores.
Assisted Sales Your sales staff can use the InStore app to instantly check product availability, customer digital activity history, and chatbot interactions to provide customers with immediate and efficient support.
Holistic Online & Offline Data Constantly collecting large volumes of updated data across all channels as a whole to secure accurate business decisions and fault-free customer experiences making them feel valued.
Fulfilment Support In case of lack of inventory, Akinon InStore App allows customers to place an order and have it delivered to the location of their choice – either a pick-up point or any other address.
Increase In-Store Sales and Boost Customer Loyalty

Personalised In-Store Experience

Grant your sales staff access to the necessary information for them to offer products and promotions based on the customers’ purchasing history.

Omnichannel Campaign Management

Increase revenue with Akinon’s best-of-breed systematic pricing & campaign management engine across all channels.

Pay by Link

Allow your retail staff to offer their customers an additional payment method such as a QR code, barcode or an email that contains a payment link.

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