Akinon Live Commerce

Unlock the power of live streaming media shopping events by promoting products and services from stores or any desired location. Book a Demo
Reduce Consideration Period

Real-time interaction that encourages buy-in video without leaving the experience.

Increase Conversion Rate

Boost your conversion rate during live shopping events.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Build a relationship with your customer based on trust and transparency.

Stand out from the competition

Increase Brand Awareness

Form a global community by reaching out to anyone, anywhere in an instant using Akinon’s live commerce feature on your digital channel(s).

Leverage Influencers

Build trust and develop popularity toward your business with live shopping events hosted by well-known influencers.

Boost Your Sales

Shorten the sales cycle by generating time-limited campaigns.

Live Commerce | Behind the Scenes
Benefits of Live Commerce
Real-Time Customer Feedback Leverage our pre-built mobile templates and launch your app without sacrificing creativity.
Broadcast From Any Store Design a broadcast stream within minutes with just a couple of clicks, and start broadcasting directly from any location.
Reduce Product Return Spotlight underperforming products by providing valuable product information during the live stream.
Blend Physical and Online Shopping Experience Increase customer satisfaction by providing humanised assistance in a virtual setting.
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