Akinon OMS

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Turn every location into a distribution centre, optimise inventory, reduce fulfilment cost and order delivery time.

Omnichannel Order Orchestration

Flexible Delivery Options

Satisfy your customers with multiple delivery options. Offer flexible fulfilment scenarios; from picking, packing, and shipping out to customers,to making arrangements for in-store pick-up.

Sophisticated Business Scenarios

Automate and optimise omnichannel fulfilment processes by configuring complex delivery scenarios with an easy-to-use, no-code rule engine.

Improve Store Fulfilment

Turn your stores into distribution centres. Support different fulfilment trends such as BOPIS, curbside pick up, ship from store, and easy returns.

Unified Inventory

For a Better Customer Experience

Centralised Global Inventory

Unify your inventory and process orders created on all sales channels, from one place.

Efficient Inventory Visibility

Provide your customers better inventory visibility and increase conversion rate by driving purchasing decisions.

Real-Time Order and Shipment Tracking

Eliminate customer frustration with the ordering processes with maximum transparency and trackable order information.

Seamless integration with
Akinon InStore App

Grant your store staff access to look up customer orders and permit return in-store, choose transfer and packaging locations.

Operational Excellence

Seamless Integration with Your Logistic Systems

Meet your customers’ omnichannel demands by easily integrating cargo and delivery companies of your choice.

Fulfilment Process Optimisation

Improve the accuracy of fulfilment and decrease the amount of manual work.

All Business Metrics at Your Fingertips

Better forecast sales and inventory levels by managing your order management data automatically.

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