Akinon Unified Network
Transform your digital commerce

Build trusted trading networks securely through Akinon with simple configuration. Book a demo
Akinon delivers multiple options to support your business’s growth
Connect and Cross Sell Connect your Akinon Commerce Cloud to another Akinon user by chaining together our cloud services to cross sell.
Increase Brand Affinity Provide brands with operations and sales autonomy, plus the ability to blockchain to boost sales and increase brand affinity.
Marketplace Join an operational Unified Network to become a part of our distributed marketplace model.
Unified Network Launch your own Unified Network to form a unique marketplace or mall model.
Increase Customer Convenience

Expand your product offering and provide an experience that helps customers buy more with less effort.

Expand your Digital Commerce

Become an enterprise marketplace by integrating with multiple suppliers or connecting with the Akinon Unified Network.

Reduce Cost and Risk

Start selling other suppliers products without the need for additional inventory and supply chain costs.

Akinon Commerce Cloud
Beyond 'Unified Commerce'
Grow Your Business

Go Global

Transform into a marketplace with Akinon and offer outstanding product diversity to your customers, wherever they might be.

Create New Income Streams

Connect other vendors to your existing system, and generate new income streams with the requirement of less effort and investment.

Endless Growth

Gain a competitive advantage by merging with a trading partner to sell new products to new customers plus increase brand awareness, or join a Unified Network as a seller and reduce costs.

Seamless Integration with Modern Trading Models

Configure and connect with traditional onesided marketplaces like Trendyol or modern delivery marketplaces like Getir to increase your selling power and market penetration.

Lower Risk and Inventory Cost
Connect Directly with Your Supplier Save time and cost of seller onboarding and management with an easy merchant onboarding process.
Reduce Out-of-Stock Scenarios Expand your marketplace inventory with multiple suppliers to limit the chances of experiencing “out-of-stock” situations.
Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs Lower the customer acquisition cost for all parties by leveraging your merchants.
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