Cloud Native Cloud Native Benefit from our fully managed and auto-scalable cloud native infrastructure to start deploying and publishing in record time. Book a demo Run your ecommerce without any complexity of building, scaling and maintaining the infrastructure Fully Managed Automatically updated and always stay up to date with our daily product releases and near zero downtime. [...] Read more
API First Create a unique commerce solution Akinon’s flexible, API based platform enables you to create your very own solution that is best for your business, employees, and ultimately, your customers. Book a demo State-of-the-art technology Design and implement content rich and personalised experiences for your customers that will keep them coming back. Bring commerce to any [...] Read more
Composable Leverage our modern architecture Build a solution according to your needs Book a demo Composable commerce enables businesses to create their end-to-end digital commerce solution by selecting best-of-breed commerce components and seamlessly assembling them into a solution built for their specific business needs Best-of-Breed Create your end-to-end digital commerce by selecting and integrating best-of-breed components [...] Read more
Headless Go Headless with Akinon Unlock your creativity and design unique shopping experiences without front-end limitations. Book a demo Separating the front-end from commerce functions in the backend helps retailers create unique and engaging digital shopping experiences without the need to build additional applications or infrastructure for each new touchpoint. Faster time-to-market Create new channels and [...] Read more
PBC’S Combining PaaS customizability with PBC convenience Book a demo Akinon's PaaS simplifies commerce app development, deployment, and management without infrastructure complexities. Akinon’s Packaged Business Capabilities An assortment of Akinon’s features which offer best-of-breed commerce solutions. Commerce A powerful headless commerce engine and feature-rich commerce functionality for creating one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. Order Orchestration A centralised system [...] Read more