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Story: SPX

Sport Point Extreme (SPX) is a sportswear fashion retail brand founded in 1989 by former Turkish national volleyball player and combat veteran navy officer Güven Olgar and his wife, Kadriye Olgar. They specialise in selling clothing gear for those who love to explore nature and adrenaline sports. SPX is based in Turkey but intends to grow globally, starting with the US. Book a demo
In need of a fulfilment system that can offer customers a ‘‘same day delivery’’ option.
In need of integration for local marketplaces to become more reachable and boost revenue.
In need of a more comprehensive return procedure to offer faster refunds and increase customer satisfaction.
In need of a mobile application to offer customers another sales channel and convenience to shop on the go.
In need of more flexible scenarios of order orchestration such as click and collect.
Would like to offer customers shop the look selection with product bundling.

SPX ideally aims to offer customers convenience, flexibility and an overall on-the-go experience not only through their products but also as a service.

Returning customers find convenience and stay on the SPX track

Results YEAR-OVER-YEAR GROWTH2021-2022
59.19% Brand Revenue
15.92% Order Volume
54.40% Avg. Order Value
Results & Capabilities

Appealing Product Bundling

Launched high-performing B2C commerce that has faster time-to-market with pre-built capabilities and engaging features such as product bundling which not only encourages customers to buy more but also provides a guide-like service.

Holistic Online & Offline Connectivity

Unified their online and offline store for a more data-based personalized in-store experience and offer easy returns.

iOS & Android Native App

Created a native mobile application for customers to browse and purchase the latest products on the go.

Comprehensive OMS Scenarios

Improved store fulfilment by providing SPX with an OMS that features flexible delivery scenarios such as on-demand delivery, click & collect plus BOPIS ensuring a convenient and seamless end-to-end experience for customers.

Unlocked Multi-Channel Sales at Reduced Cost

Helped SPX generate more revenue in less time with less cost by branching out to multiple sales channels and marketplaces.

Feature-Rich and Headless Storefront

Supplied an easy-to-use storefront with customisable features for fast and dynamic storefront development. Its headless approach has given SPX the freedom to make front-end changes without backend limitations on all customer-facing channels.

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