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Story: M&S

Marks and Spencer, commonly known as M&S, is a multinational fashion retailer founded in 1884 in Leeds, UK, by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. The company specialises in selling clothing, beauty, home products and groceries. They currently have over 900 stores in the UK alone, more than 400 stores overseas and over 100 websites globally. Book a demo
In need of a better functioning and seamless digital shopping journey with future-proof features to offer a better customer experience.
In need of a modern touch to their digital channels, such as one of the latest trends in the e-commerce industry: live shopping.
Require a better order management system to fulfil more complex scenarios to suit customer needs and to offer them convenience.
In need of creating variants by weight, which will give customers cost transparency.
In need of a real-time connection between sales channels to give store staff access to customer profiles, purchase history and endless aisles to offer a seamless experience.

M&S is becoming more digitally favourable in the retail industry. It’s never too late to join and conquer the online market.

Seamless B2C Commerce Provided a hassle-free and powerful commerce toolkit to connect shoppers everywhere and anywhere at all stages of their shopping journey.
Smarter and Faster Shopping Optimised order lifecycle and history and integrated their Order Management with other systems seamlessly, such as InStore, to give customers a better shopping experience.

M&S faced their challenges with change and is keeping up with the latest digital commerce trends by tapping into Akinon’s business-ready solutions.

Results YEAR-OVER-YEAR GROWTH2021-2022
49.01% Brand Revenue
23.5% Order Volume
45.7% Avg. Order Value
Human Touch, Live Commerce Introduced Live Commerce that responds to today’s use of social platforms. Live shopping has kept M&S’s core element of offline human interaction in the digital environment.
Endless Aisles, All Touchpoints Gave store staff easy access, transparency and visibility of unlimited product ranges and personalised promotions to serve customers conveniently.
Success Without Limits: Akinon x FIBA
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