E-Commerce Businesses Need a Future-Proofed Platform

Akinon is ready to equip e-commerce businesses with solutions and capabilities that tackle the challenges they face.

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  1. The complexity of Marketplaces
  2. Importance of Composability
  3. Omnichannel and customer experience

We live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving and constant changes in customer expectations are the norm, and because of this, brands and retailers are faced with the imperative to be more adaptable. To do so, they search for an e-commerce platform capable of keeping up with new directions.

The most common trends that have become challenges for e-commerce businesses are composability, marketplaces, and the omnichannel approach. Fortunately, Akinon, a next-generation digital commerce platform, is ready to equip businesses with solutions and capabilities that tackle those challenges.

The complex world of marketplaces

Marketplaces have become the core of modern commerce, offering a mass of products and services under one roof. However, the very nature of marketplaces introduces a unique set of challenges for both operators and sellers — from maintaining diverse seller catalogs to ensuring seamless order fulfillment.

In a highly competitive market, sellers face fierce competition and ongoing price cuts, driven by the saturated marketplace. This environment leads to a struggle for brand control, as companies have limited power over branding and customer interactions, potentially resulting in the erosion of their brand identity.

Rocketing importance of composability

The process of integrating various modular components into a cohesive system can be complex and time-consuming. This complexity arises from the need to ensure seamless compatibility among diverse elements. Additionally, coordinating multiple vendors to ensure compatibility and support adds communication and collaboration challenges to the equation.

The stubbornness of one-size-fits-all solutions has long obstructed business agility and innovation. To solve this, businesses opt for composable platforms. Composability assists businesses to create a tailored e-commerce ecosystem by selecting and combining the precise tools and features they need. This dynamic adaptability ensures that businesses can swiftly respond to evolving customer demands, eschewing the constraints of monolithic solutions.

Omnichannel to unite customer experience

The omnichannel approach is a strategy rooted in delivering a seamless customer experience across various touchpoints, an expected standard for modern commerce. Yet achieving this requires a unified approach to inventory management, marketing, and order fulfillment.

Maintaining a cohesive customer experience becomes challenging due to the need for consistent service, information, and pricing across all channels. Additionally, managing inventory accurately and coordinating fulfillment across multiple channels can result in stock problems and customer dissatisfaction.

Akinon, a future-ready digital commerce platform without limits

The transformation caused by technological trends has not rattled Akinon’s current customers nor will it be a concern for their future customers. Akinon equips customers with a rich and powerful set of out-of-the-box capabilities in addition to its easy integration to best-of-breed solutions, so businesses can offer the desired customer experience and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Build, adapt, and scale in the most flexible manner possible. 

This aligns perfectly with an omnichannel strategy, where success relies on the seamless integration of various components.
With solutions that address a multiverse of marketplaces, composability, and omnichannel retail, Akinon customers are able to embrace change and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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